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We are now accepting COMPLETE submissions for Griffith Review 55: State of Hope
Edited by Julianne Schultz and Patrick Allington, in partnership with Flinders University
Published 1 February 2017

Deadline for submissions and commissioned pieces: 30 September 2016.

THIS IS FOR COMPLETE PIECES ONLY. No outlines, proposals or drafts.

Hope is at the heart of South Australia. More than any other state, it has shaped its own destiny with large doses of vision and optimism. It has been less frightened of ‘the vision thing’ and demonstrated willingness to challenge prevailing sentiments, experiment, boldly innovate and take a national lead. As a result the state has produced a disproportionate number of leaders in business, sciences, arts and public policy.

This spirit is needed more than ever. The state faces profound challenges as the industrial model that shaped twentieth-century South Australia is replaced by an uncertain future. State of Hope explores the economic, social, environmental and cultural challenges facing South Australia, and the possibilities of renewal and revitalisation that draws on the strength of the past. It celebrates the unselfconscious willingness that hope enables.

State of Hope will feature leading SA writers and others with a connection or deep knowledge of this unique place.